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Pdf2oo is the brand new way to edit, overlay, modify, review pdf documents on GNU/linux.”
[pdf2oo author]

We no longer need a pdf editor for linux.”
[Joe Random User, before trying the program]

Pdf2oo sucks!”
[Joe Random User, after trying the program]

We still lack a decent website, it seems.”

What is pdf2oo? It's NOT a pdf editor!

Pdf2oo allows you to import pdf files in openoffice. It takes a pdf in input, and exports an openoffice presentation where each page of the original document is put as an high-resolution image. It supports transparency and color. The pdf exporting facility of openoffice.org allows you to use it as a "free pdf editor", even if documents will get bigger and will have worse quality. This is just a proof-of-concept release, but working. Feel free to send me comments, patches, injuries, or just to throw it away.

More information and download:


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For batch (command line) mode, the following programs are required: pdfinfo and pdftoppm (from xpdf distribution), convert (from ImageMagick), zip. For GUI mode you need dcop, kdialog and kommander.

Update (2009-07-15): the command line mode is now the default. The GUI has been superceded in recent distributions and needs a rewrite. However, it is easy to use the program from the command line. If you want to help with the GUI, a python-gtk or python-qt form should be easy to write.

Find more about requirements by running the program in a terminal window.

Frequently Asked Questions

pdf2oo generates images from a pdf file... I can already do that by cutting and pasting images!

Yes, but it becomes a little difficult when you have a 30 pages paper to review; moreover, cut and paste limits the image resolution.

Yes, but I can already convert images using a program like imagemagick or pdf2ppm.

Of course! This is exactly what pdf2oo does in its current form. Its main usefulness is that to automatize the insertion of images in the document.

Can I run pdf2oo in windows or osx?

For the GUI, you need kommander and kdialog. The GUI is currently broken on all platform so let's forget about it ATM.You can run it in batch mode using bash (e.g. mingw or cygwin), but you need xpdf and imagemagick. In OSX it should be trivial (e.g. using fink). In windows, pdf2oo has been reported to work using cygwin as per this forum post:


Thanks to fdar at sourceforge for sharing this info.

Could an openoffice pdf import filter be written, using pdf2oo?

Of course, and it should be trivial! If you know how, contact me. :-)